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Madison. 19. Bisexual. Free spirit. Hookah lover. Pizza lover. College student. Raised in a house of great artists from the stroke of a paintbrush to the thump of a snare drum. Ask or share anything to me.

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This is my first and only tattoo at this point and time. The image is taken just after the tattoo was complete. It is Tim Burton’s style of a black cat. The design is from his stop-motion short, Vincent, where the cat is walking along the wall. I took bits and pieces from the cat and put them together to get this image. I got it for multiple reasons. One, I love Tim Burton and his work. Two, I feel like such a black sheep in my family, but I’m more of a cat. And three, it’s because I love Halloween, it’s only time of the year where my mother and I bonded together decorating our home. I also remember going to school the day after getting it done and my class mates, Rob R and Zach K, said that this tattoo just explains me perfectly.

I got this done May 11th 2011 at the Jester’s Court, Southside, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Sarah Miller.

EDIT: More tattoos

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